Professional PPC Management Services

Is your law firm, small business, or healthcare practice looking for a cost-effective way to find new leads and bring more prospective customers or patients to your website? We can help you.

At Vima Internet Marketing, our PPC management services will empower you to create ads that drive revenue and site traffic. Our pay-per-click (PPC) ads will enable you to market your company to specific market demographics across various platforms.

We know you want to ensure that what you’re paying for will lead to substantial results when choosing the advertising route. We understand that navigating through all of the SEO and PPC rules and best practices is tough to do independently. Luckily, we are here for you. Call today for a Free Consultation!

What Is PPC Advertising?

First, let’s talk about what, exactly, PPC advertising is. Pay-per-click campaigns allow you to create online advertisements across various platforms, from search engines to social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. Then, the platform charges you based on how many people click on your ad to open your web page.

The most common type of PPC ad is through Google —Google Ads allows you to pay to place your ad at the top of the search results pages for specific search keywords. You can use PPC campaigns all over different social media platforms. When you create a combination approach, you gain the ability to reach new audiences across a spectrum of launching points.

The cost per click for any ad can range between $0.05 to $430 (mesothelioma cancer lawyer was the most expensive keyword in ’21), depending on how competitive your chosen keyword is. Highly competitive keywords are more expensive but can generate more traffic.

Now, What Exactly Does An Ad Look Like?

PPC ads can come in a variety of forms. Typically, they will include ad copy, and some might also feature some form of media. Most importantly, the ad itself will link to your chosen landing page, such as your site’s home page, a service page, a signup form, or anything you desire.

For example, a search ad is generally only text that will appear at the top of search results pages, marked “Ad,” above the organic search results. In comparison, a display ad on social media will include a visual like an image, video, or GIF or will appear as a banner on the side margins of a website or social platform.

Benefits of PPC Ads

Your business cannot succeed without customers. But as technology evolves and more competition enters the market, it is becoming more and more challenging to boost awareness. Investing in pay-per-click ads can generate leads and yield many other benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Increased Site Traffic

The most obvious benefit from a successful PPC ad is increased traffic to your landing page and overall website. People who may not have heard of your company can click on your ad, connecting them to your site.

Not only will you generate more leads, but increasing your site traffic will improve your SEO. Google naturally ranks popular websites higher. By paying for an ad that will increase your visitors, you are also investing in a long-term SEO strategy that will naturally bring your site up in search results.

2. Stronger Brand Recognition

As people scroll through social media or search for something online, and your ad pops up, it will signal brand recognition. The odds are that many people will see your ad and choose not to click on it. But that wouldn’t be a total loss.

Brand recognition can be huge. Regardless of whether they clicked, everyone who viewed your ad now knows your name, colors, logo, and what you sell. In the future, they might see another ad or hear a friend talking about one of your products and recall that they’ve heard of your brand. They might even click the next time.

Enforcing strong brand recognition builds a community of people who want to support your company. This growth will continue to scale and reach beyond the initial ad.

3. Highly Targeted Audiences

PPC campaigns do not just display your ad to a broad group of people. They target specific demographics that you define. This level of specificity lets you only pay for the most optimal clicks.

PPC management services can help you target ads across a multitude of dimensions, including:

  • Keywords: By choosing terms that closely relate to your business and are booming with traffic, you can rank your ad high in Google results.
  • Demographics: Using demographic targeting, you can set your ad to appear to people at an intersection of different ages, genders, locations, languages, and more. For example, you might choose to target an ad specifically for men in their 40s in southern California who are Chinese speakers.
  • Behavior: You can also target based on audiences’ behaviors. Such behaviors might include past search queries, website visits, or competitor site visits.
  • Remarketing also looks at viewers’ behavior by targeting people who have interacted with your content before. Frequently, people won’t purchase a product the first time they view or click on your ad. Targeting these people to remind them of your brand increases conversion likelihood.
  • Market interest: You can also target people who have been shopping for products similar to yours, such as visitors to your competitors’ sites.
  • Similar interests: On the flip side, you can broaden your target audience by choosing people similar to your MVPs with similar demographics, behaviors, or interests. Improved Conversion Rates

You can improve conversion rates by increasing your site traffic with valuable leads. More visitors will discover your products, and since you carefully selected them through your hyper-targeted ad, they are more likely to purchase.

Sometimes people need a reminder and a quick way to follow through with purchasing. Placing a link right at their fingertips as they scroll through social media or comb the internet makes the purchase decision a lot easier.

4. Flexible Changes

You can measure how successful your ads are with any PPC campaign. You will likely find ways to improve and optimize your results. Luckily, these changes are quick and easy to make, especially when utilizing PPC management services.

Not only can you edit how the ad looks, but you can adjust whom you target, what keywords you choose, and more. This flexibility allows for easy optimization.

5. Quick Results

While SEO is still an excellent long-term investment, paid advertising is a great way to see instant results. Once you bid on keywords, people will start to see your ad in a few days.

A quick influx in traffic is excellent for new launches, competition, and overall brand reputability.

6. Affordable Costs

Pay-per-click ads are one of the most affordable marketing strategies you can adapt. Many companies think the key to improving website traffic is hiring and developing an in-house team of marketers. But these people will need to be trained, become experts in SEO, and then spend months working toward long-term results.

Traditional forms of advertising, like billboards, newspapers, commercials, or magazines, can offer instant results but cost far more than PPC ads and are less targeted.

PPC campaigns allow you to achieve similar results without the high price tags. Essentially, you can post your billboard online to people in your target audience, regardless of where they are in the world. Plus, you only have to pay for the people who actually click.

7. Increased Revenue

The most significant benefit you can experience from any marketing campaign is increased revenue. Making money drives all business decisions. Paid advertising is a dependable and resource-friendly way to increase your income without risk, assuming you do it right.

PPC ads increase your revenue by boosting site traffic, building brand awareness, improving conversions, and reducing wasted resources. As a whole, you can spend less to make more, which is any business’s dream.

PPC management services from Vima Internet Marketing will help you see all of these benefits and more.

How Do PPC Ads Work?

Understanding how a PPC ad works will help you build a great one. Many factors go into generating an advertisement that will increase your return on investments, including your chosen keywords, ad copy, visuals, bid strategy, calls to action, and landing pages.

So, how do these elements work together to form a successful PPC ad?


Keywords are the foundation of your ad. They determine precisely where your ad will appear and who will see it. But a lot can go into deciding the best keywords for an ad.

For example, if you run a flower delivery service, choosing to rank for “flowers” may not be the most effective strategy. Many people Google the word “flowers” to find pictures, learn about different species, and more. These intentions could cause you to pay a high price for a competitive keyword that yields minimal results.

Instead, it might be more beneficial to advertise under a more specific keyword phrase like “online flower delivery service.” Audiences searching for this exact phrase have purchase intents that align with what you offer.

You can always narrow or broaden your keywords based on your desired traffic and budget. However, you still might have dozens of options to narrow down. Hiring a professional management team like us at Vima Internet Marketing can help you discover the least competitive words with the highest traffic that fit your market.

Ad Copy

What you choose to write in your ad can impact your audience’s likelihood to engage with it. However, knowing what to say and how can be difficult. How do you sum up your entire business in just a few sentences?

Typically, you want your ad copy to speak to your target audience. It should relate to your audience’s wants, needs, and desires on a human level. Then you should convey how your business can deliver those needs and solve all of their problems.

Ad Visuals

Online shoppers desire highly visual and engaging content. Because of this, the internet contains a battlefield of striking graphics competing against one another for viewers’ attention. So how can you make your ad stand out?

It takes a lot to convince a person to click on an ad. Something needs to pull them in and motivate them to take action. Often, this incentive is your visual.

Visuals might include:

  • Product images
  • Digital graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Product videos
  • Demo videos
  • Quick GIFs
  • Digitally designed text

It can be hard to know which visual form will perform best for your target audience. It’s even harder to create and design that graphic. Luckily, our Vima Internet Marketing PPC management services can take care of this for you.

Bid Strategy

You do not pay a set price for your PPC ads. Instead, you will place bids with the advertising platform on how much you are willing to spend for different keywords or campaign forms. The better your offer is, the more likely you will rank high on Google or appear across social platforms and sites.

However, you don’t want to pay more than you need to. Also, you don’t want to waste money on an ad that won’t rank. Our experts at Vima Internet Marketing will create a bidding strategy that maximizes your ad spend results.


Calls to action, or CTAs, are the text on your ad that will encourage a viewer to click through to your site. Often, companies put minimal thought into their CTAs and just say something like “click here.” Missing out on this text opportunity is a huge mistake.

Your CTA is often the first thing a viewer will notice on your ad since the text is more prominent. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to convey your message and tell your audience exactly what action you’d like them to take.

Going back to the flower delivery example, are you more likely to click on an ad that says “Buy now” or one that says “Send beautiful flowers to your loved ones today”?

Landing Page

The final element of a successful PPC ad is the landing page. Your landing page is where your audience will arrive after clicking on your ad. This page will determine what actions they take next.

Designing a landing page for your ad can elevate the likelihood of conversions. Directing audiences to a bland home page might cause them to quit. Instead, developing a highly targeted and engaging landing page can prompt them to sign up for or purchase your service.

Landing page design includes everything from the copy to the visuals, CTAs, navigation, and forms. You’ve baited your audience; now it’s time to reel them in.

Why Is It Difficult To Manage PPC Ads on Your Own?

Creating a successful PPC campaign is not easy because of all of the complicated elements involved. Plus, the platforms you build campaigns on, like Google Ads, are complex and require prior knowledge and experience. Without professional PPC management services, trying to do so can lead to wasted efforts, lackluster results, and lost revenue for your company.

You’re still not done, even if you can nail down the ad keywords, copy, bidding, and landing page. An ad is not something that you create once and never touch again. Your campaigns should continuously evolve based on data feedback and adjustment loop for the best results.

Every campaign is highly trackable and involves loads of analytics. Analyzing data requires extensive knowledge and time to understand where and how to improve. Evolving based on this data can be even trickier than creating the ad in the first place.

Most smaller companies do not have the resources to update their ads regularly. By missing key statistics, you miss the overall picture of your keyword and ad success. You might underbid on great keywords or overpay on the ones yielding poor results without knowing.

To create a successful PPC ad on your own, you (or your team) must possess the following skills:

  • Keyword research knowledge
  • SEO understanding
  • Copywriting
  • Image or video creation
  • Market awareness
  • Website design
  • Data analysis

If you are not an expert in all of these areas, don’t worry. Our professional team at Vima Internet Marketing will help. Our experts have ample knowledge and experience in all of the skills above.

How Our Team at Vima Internet Marketing Can Help

Unless you already rank number one on Google, your business can benefit from paid advertising. However, doing this successfully without a team of experienced ad builders is hard. Seeking an expert to launch your campaign will ensure its success.

At Vima Internet Marketing, our team of pay-per-click management experts will help you:

Research competitors and search terms: A lot of research goes into understanding the best keywords to include in your campaigns. We will analyze competitors’ rankings, comb through closely related terms, and determine which keywords will work best to yield optimal results. We will also help develop an appropriate bidding strategy based on ranking difficulty, potential audience size, ad time length, and your budget.

Develop targeted ads: Next, we will determine which type of ad works best for your needs and what platform it will perform well on. From there, we can work to develop targeted copy, engaging CTAs, rich visuals, and even your landing page. Your ad will speak to your target audience while maintaining brand values.

Track analytics: Once your ad is live, we will continuously monitor its performance through data tracking. With a deep level of expertise and analytics experience, we can understand what these numbers mean and how we can improve them.

Evolve ads over time: Using these detailed analytics, we will make minor adjustments as we see fit to ensure the success of your ad. Ad updates might involve beta-testing, continuous competition research, keyword adjustments, and more.

Advertise across platforms: PPC ads can exist across many platforms. We will help you set up all of the ads you’d like, regardless of where they will appear. The more places you advertise, the more people you will reach.

Vima Internet Marketing's PPC Management Services

We offer a variety of different marketing services depending on your needs. We will devote our time to understanding your business, your audience needs, and how we can keep people engaged on your site. Our PPC ad management services include:

Google Ads: Google Ads display your campaign across search results, websites, apps, videos, and more.

Paid search campaigns: Search campaigns allow you to rank higher in Google for your chosen search terms.

Microsoft advertising: Microsoft ads will appear across Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo search engines.

Display ads: Display ads will appear to viewers as they scroll through other websites like blogs, weather and news pages, and more.

Remarketing: Remarketing will target your ad to audiences who have interacted with your company in the past.

Social media ads: Social media ads place your campaign across different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

YouTube advertising: YouTube advertising allows for ads within a video like a simple popup banner or an entire commercial.

E-commerce (shopping) ads: Shopping campaigns display your ad as users shop around online for similar products.

You could choose one type of ad or pick a few to work in combination. Regardless, we will offer end-to-end PPC management services across any campaign you'd like.

Drive Revenue With Engaging and Targeted PPC Ads

PPC ads can yield many benefits for your company, increasing your revenue and boosting traffic quickly. However, they are pretty tricky to pull off successfully. Many factors are involved in researching, creating, and maintaining a successful ad.

Luckily, professional PPC management services can take care of the hard work for you, ensuring that your ad does well. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (480) 687-4267 to learn how we can boost your business’s growth! At Vima Internet Marketing, we will help you build engaging advertisements that make visitors want to convert.

The Internet works! Is it working for you?

If not, please contact us to learn how we can help you find your next customer and make a great first impression.